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Technology Expertise:

1. E1 Customisation Specialists

At C & D we know how to develop in-house customisations in a robust manner which will result in minimising the footprint of your changes on the Core JDE base software resulting in significant savings during future release upgrades. The methods we employ to achieve this include the following:

  • Competence in the use of the core JDE business function library resulting in maximum access to standard JDE reusable process logic
  • Development of in-house process logic in standalone business functions which can be tested and verified independently
  • The creation of wrapper functions which execute core JDE Master Business Functions while encapsulating the modifications in the wrapper
  • Where modification is required to a core JDE logic component, ensuring that this change is designed as a single point exit to a custom in-house app or business function in order to minimise the JDE modification footprint

2. Thorough Analysis and Design Using Functional Decomposition

Delivery of effective, efficient and robust solutions to business specific issues not catered for in standard E1 requires the following:

  • Thorough analysis and documentation of the business issue
  • Detailed understanding of the functionality available and useable within JDE
  • Creation of a conceptual design solution
  • Functional decomposition of the conceptual solution
  • Design, development and testing of the function solution components

This methodology breaks a problem down into in series discrete components and then builds, tests and delivers the technical solution for each component. This is the most efficient and effective way to delivery in-house solutions and this is the development philosophy employed by C & D Consulting.

3. Application of JDE standards required for a Globalised environment

In this globalised trading environment in which we do business where “Think Global – Act Local” is the Moto, all software development must strictly adhere to JDE core standards listed below in order to successfully cross borders:

  • Recognition of multi-company and associated multi-currency processing
  • Recognising that inter-branch transactions can cross company/currency boundaries
  • Access to appropriate data decimal definition by currency
  • User language support on Forms/UBEs and UDC access
  • Use of the data dictionary for all error messages
  • Use of processing options and UDC values to control process logic

C & D consulting ensures that these standards are adhered to in all software development.

4. C Programming and Core Transaction Processing MBFs

We have In depth knowledge and experience programming in JDE C which is the foundation of the JDE distributed computing architecture. This includes experience working with the following aspects of JDE C:

  • Caching APIs
  • Database APIs
  • System Functions
  • Work management functions:
    • Subsystem job creation and execution
    • Blind Batch UBE submission with override parameters
    • Generic UBE execution using common RI data structures  
  • Integrating with transaction Master Business Functions including:
    • Sales Order Entry - B4200310/311
    • Ship Confirmation - N4200790
    • A/R Invoice Creation - B03B0011
    • G/L Journal Creation - B0900011   
    • Purchase Order Entry - XT4311Z1
    • Etc, etc.

5. Database Design

Design and creation of all required database entities including; data dictionary items, custom tables, simple business views and joined business views.

6. Applications Programming

Creating all forms of E1 applications including, Find Browse, Header Detail, Header-less Detail, Parent/Child etc and associated event rule engine logic. Delivery of add-on inquiries/applications through client specific standalone objects.

7. Batch Processing Programming

Creation of batch processing UBES for reports and update processing using both columnar and group section logic flows based on best-fit. Support for sub-system processing in definition and execution. Creation of custom C functions where special run time processing such as blind and sub-system execution is required.

“I highly recommend James Cunningham as an experienced consultant for Oracle Enterprise One (JDEdwards). James has many years experience and is very engaging and honest to ensure the best outcome for his clients.”

Rinnai Australia


“The thing that made James stand out for me was his clear understanding on our requirements to reconcile the data across systems to ensure “nothing got left behind”.  His willingness and in fact determination to ensure all the T’s where crossed and I’s dotted was a refreshing experience”

Simplot Australia


“James is one of the most innovative people I have worked with on JDE business systems over the past 10 years.  James has a knack of getting to the nub of the issue, a quality that I have not witnessed in many business system experts.”

Nufarm Australia


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