Interoperability is of course JDE’s term for their original ground breaking technical architecture which encapsulates ERP transaction processing logic into an executable function and publishes the associated interface. Think of it as a single¬† processing program per transaction such as; sales order creation, PO creation, etc, with multiple modes of deployment; Web Client, Web Services, Z File, etc.

C & D have extensive knowledge of the JDE interoperability transaction integration architecture obtained through technical and applications implementation experience covering:

a) Process setup and validation in the following scenarios:
  • eCommerce sales order creation
  • 3PL Picking request configuration
  • 3PL shipment configuration
  • 3PL PO receipt processing
  • A/R and General ledger transaction and P&L accounting from third party service and warranty management systems
  • A/P and General ledger transaction and P&L cost accounting from third party service and warranty management systems
  • Interfacing master data such as customer, product, vendor to external applications using the interoperability model
  • Shop floor data collection work order creation
  • Shop floor data collection work order completion and material issue
  • Automated warehousing inventory movement transactions

b) Technical expertise gained working with the core JDE Master business functions such as:

  • Sales Order Entry - B4200310/311
  • Ship Confirmation - N4200790
  • A/R Invoice Creation - B03B0011
  • G/L Journal Creation - B0900011
  • Etc, Etc.

“I highly recommend James Cunningham as an experienced consultant for Oracle Enterprise One (JDEdwards). James has many years experience and is very engaging and honest to ensure the best outcome for his clients.”

Rinnai Australia


“The thing that made James stand out for me was his clear understanding on our requirements to reconcile the data across systems to ensure “nothing got left behind”.  His willingness and in fact determination to ensure all the T’s where crossed and I’s dotted was a refreshing experience”

Simplot Australia


“James is one of the most innovative people I have worked with on JDE business systems over the past 10 years.  James has a knack of getting to the nub of the issue, a quality that I have not witnessed in many business system experts.”

Nufarm Australia


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