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Planning and Manufacturing:

Thorough knowledge of E1 planning and execution as delivered through the forecasting, DRP, MPS, MRP, CRP, Shop Floor and Purchasing modules.

1. Forecasting

Forecast methods, calendar, forecast modelling, Supply and Demand inclusion rules, loading actual to forecasting, summary hierarchies, planning BOMs, forecast generation and feedback to planning.

2. Planning (DRP / MPS / MRP / CRP)

Configuring item/branch planning using forecast types, supply/demand inclusion rules, planning codes, demand fences, order policy, reorder quantities/lot sizes, planning fences and lead times.

Establishing DRP using distribution relationships, transit lead time, planned transfer orders, field warehouses, consignment inventory and outside storage

Establishing MPS using both DRP distribution relationships as demand feed or consolidated DRP. Establishing planning families and frozen time fences, creating and maintaining the MPS through planning message maintenance and the shop floor scheduling workbench.

Establishing BOMs and routing, creating the MRP purchasing suggestions from the MPS, actioning the MRP and generating purchase orders from MRP messages
Capacity Planning: Strategic, Operational and execution planning.

3. Shop Floor

Work centre setup, labour and overhead rates, BOMs and routing, sub-contract setup, manufacturing accounting setup for raw materials, labour, subcontract, finished goods, engineering, planned and actual variance.

Work order generation, scheduling workbench, lot control with/without potency, pre-flushing, back flush, standard material issue. WO Completion, WIP and variance accounting and MFG order closure. Discrete, Repetitive and Process manufacturing. KANBAN and JIT.



4. Purchasing

Purchase order management for inventory and non-inventory procurement. Order status flow configuration, supplier catalogue, approval routing, landed cost configuration, multi-currency, supplier pricing, lot and potency control, receipt routing, receiving. AAI setup for receiving, received not vouchered, currency variance, price variance, in-transit and landed costs. Voucher matching and evaluated receipt processing for inventory, non-inventory and landed cost components.

5. Accounts Payable

Voucher match processing for inventory and non-inventory purchases and associated payment cycle process configuration. Configuration of Evaluated receipt processing for inventory purchases. Multi-currency vendor setup, foreign currency payment processing, realized and unrealized gain/loss configuration and processing.


Inventory Management:

6. Inventory

Item master, item branch setup, location and/or lot control setup, Item availability and inventory commitment configuration. Standard and weighted average costing for purchased items. Standard costing for MFG items using BOMs and routing. Cycle count, stock take, inventory transactions, shop floor output, flex accounting and all associated AAIs.

Sales Order Management & Transport:

7. Sales Order Management

Address book, customer master and parent/child structure setup. Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-branch configuration, establish base pricing and advanced pricing. Configure customer credit check. Preference profiles implementation (advanced and standard) for pricing, logistics and transport options. Inventory availability and supply/demand configuration. Order status flow, document type and line type configuration. Order cycle configuration; acknowledgement, pick slip, confirmation, invoicing and sales end of day, A/R and General Ledger processing. Distribution AAIs setup for sales, cost and sales deduction with flex accounting. Sales data interface to Data warehousing data definition and validation. Reconciliation of Product P&L sales generated transactions to General Ledger. Formal business document (invoice, pick slip, etc) configuration and output validation.

8. Transportation Management

Configuration of transportation management for both domestic and export business scenarios. Shipping depot, carrier master, carrier zone, transport zone, rate schedule, rates, routing and restriction configuration. Customer, carrier and depot transport document configuration and implementation. Shipment and optionally load management order cycle integration with document set printing. Billable and payable freight configuration, implementation and processing through transport freight update processing and sales end-of-day. Freight matching and variance analysis.

9. Advanced Pricing

Configuration of set up of Advanced Pricing Schedules, adjustments, accruals, price books.

Engineer & Make to order environments

10. Configurator

Configurator for Sales, Manufacturing or Purchasing: Analysis of your TO order requirements, set up of Configured Items, Segments, Cross segment editing rule, Assembly inclusion rule, Tables, Hot spot, Smart Parts, Derived calculations. Integration with sales orders, Advanced Pricing, Inventory, BOMs and Routings, Shop floor Work orders, Purchasing, Planning and Manufacturing Accounting.



11. Accounts Receivable

Account Maintenance, credit refresh, A/R adjustment note processing, cash posting, statements, Multi-currency, currency revaluation, currency gains & losses, AAIs, G/L posting and external interfaces.

12. General Ledger

Profit centre creation, account maintenance, Journal processing and posting, period end activity, sub-system journal processing, sub-system account reconciliation and integrity report processing.


Training & Documentation:

Implementation Team or User training in Logistics, Distribution and Manufacturing disciplines.  Customised User training documentation can be created for meet your requirements.

“I highly recommend James Cunningham as an experienced consultant for Oracle Enterprise One (JDEdwards). James has many years experience and is very engaging and honest to ensure the best outcome for his clients.”

Rinnai Australia


“The thing that made James stand out for me was his clear understanding on our requirements to reconcile the data across systems to ensure “nothing got left behind”.  His willingness and in fact determination to ensure all the T’s where crossed and I’s dotted was a refreshing experience”

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“James is one of the most innovative people I have worked with on JDE business systems over the past 10 years.  James has a knack of getting to the nub of the issue, a quality that I have not witnessed in many business system experts.”

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